Bariatric Surgery Testimonials

Richard Lost 173 Pounds with Gastric Bypass *

Posted: Mar 10 in Bariatric Surgery Testimonials by

My health issues were the motive behind my weight loss surgery at Hollywood Bariatrics. I had a pseudotumor cerebri, hypertension, borderline diabetes and joint pain. [Read more]

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Hope Lost 90 Pounds with LAP-BAND *

Posted: Feb 24 in Bariatric Surgery Testimonials by

This place is the best choice for Bariatric Surgery in South Florida. Being in the medical field myself, I did my own research, met Dr. Bass and knew it was the best place to have my surgery. Even after my surgery they are still very helpful, and I have met a new group of life long friends at the support groups! [Read more]

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Arlene: LAP-BAND Weight Loss *

Posted: Feb 12 in Bariatric Surgery Testimonials by

“Why didn’t I do this sooner? I lost 75 pounds in the first 9 months, my Diabetes is GONE, High blood pressure is pretty much non existent and my High Cholesterol is at an all time low. My back pain is gone, I am sleeping better and I look and feel better than I have in my entire life.

[Read more]

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Joe: LAP-BAND Weight Loss *

Posted: Jan 12 in Bariatric Surgery Testimonials by

Joe struggled with his weight since childhood. “I was brought up being told to eat everything on my plate,” says Joe. “I did. And then some!” [Read more]

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J Toro: LAP BAND Weight Loss *

Posted: Oct 21 in Bariatric Surgery Testimonials by

Weight Loss Surgery has made huge positive changes in my life. Not only is my borderline hypertension, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and diabetes GONE, but I lost 109 pounds! I had surgery because I needed a tool to help change my life around. I wanted to be around for my family and I had goals that I wanted to achieve that I could not because of my weight. [Read more]

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Shirley: Gastric Bypass Weight Loss *

Posted: Jul 12 in Bariatric Surgery Testimonials by

Shirley, at 42, had a hard time losing weight after her first pregnancy. In the years that followed, she tried everything from fad diets and weight-loss pills to a restrictive plan of just fish, fruit and vegetables. Sometimes she would lose 20 to 25 pounds, but the weight would always return. Eventually, she couldn’t walk very far without back pain. At 298 pounds, she also dealt with thyroid issues, high blood pressure, hypertension and problems with her knee that required surgery. [Read more]

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Dwayne: Sleeve Gastrectomy Weight Loss *

Posted: Jun 23 in Bariatric Surgery Testimonials by

I must say that it has been my intention for months to sit and write a testimonial about my experiences with Dr. Bass (Tiffany) and the life changing Sleeve Gastrectomy I had in April 2008. I can’t think of to many things that has changed my life the way this surgery has. [Read more]

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Carmen lost 123 pounds with Gastric Bypass *

Posted: Apr 24 in Bariatric Surgery Testimonials by

I am writing to let you know of my life changing experience with bariatric surgery. My primary doctor was treating me for chronic asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and spinal problems. [Read more]

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Pam: LAP-BAND Weight Loss *

Posted: Apr 07 in Bariatric Surgery Testimonials by

I decided to have lap-band surgery with Dr. Bass due to family history of diabetes and heart disease. If I didn’t lose weight permanently, I was on my way to having these health problems. Once I had the surgery, I didn’t look at this as another diet, I looked at this as an opportunity to learn to do things the right way. [Read more]

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Eileen: LAP-BAND Weight Loss *

Posted: Apr 07 in Bariatric Surgery Testimonials by

I have been extremely overweight my entire life, with my first attempt at weight loss at 10 years old. I have tried every diet, program, system and pill. Sometimes I lost weight and sometimes I didn’t, but always gained it back. [Read more]

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