Obesity and your Health

It’s Time to Get in the Kitchen *

Posted: Nov 17 in Obesity and your Health, Weight Loss Blog, Weight Loss Surgery by

Cooking is a bit of a hot trend right now. The healthy habit that many families have relied on daily for centuries is seeing a bit of a comeback. It’s only been in the last 50 years or so that cooking has seen a real decline. [Read more]

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Building Activity into your Life *

Posted: Jun 30 in Obesity and your Health, Weight Loss Blog by

Losing weight doesn’t just happen at the gym. Every moment of your day needs to be dedicated to your health and wellness goals. From the type of coffee, you order in the morning to the decision to use the stairs instead of the elevator, being healthy comes down to the small decisions that you make day after day. [Read more]

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Why are you Eating? *

Posted: Jun 01 in Obesity and your Health, Weight Loss Blog by

After weight loss surgery your stomach capacity will be greatly reduced, and this will limit how often you will feel hungry, and how much food it will require for your body to feel satisfied. But that isn’t going to change those mental cravings. So even before you undergo bariatric surgery, it is a good question to ask yourself: what is making you want to eat right now? [Read more]

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Blogging, Vlogging, and Losing Weight *

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We live in a digital world, and communicating your feelings and expressing your needs to the world no longer requires face to face interaction with the people you know and love. The internet has made it possible to find support and belonging amidst total strangers—people that you have never met and never will meet. [Read more]

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Timing is Everything *

Posted: Apr 29 in Obesity and your Health by

Do you ever catch yourself thinking: “I don’t have time for that!” If so, then congratulations—you are just like everyone else. The reality is that 24 hours in a day is barely enough time to get everything together that you are required to do for your work and family obligations. The thought of throwing in a few extra tasks in an effort to improve your health and wellness frequently just causes more stress. [Read more]

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Slimming Down in the Kitchen *

Posted: Apr 15 in Obesity and your Health, Weight Loss Blog by

When it comes to losing weight, exercise and food choices dominate a lot of the conversation. Most of the attention surrounding dieting comes down to skipping dessert, cutting out fast food, and avoiding processed snacks. [Read more]

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Cutting Off the Soda Tap *

Posted: Apr 05 in Obesity and your Health by

We need to talk about free refills. There is a huge misconception when it comes to eating out that liquids don’t count, and that when you order a soda you don’t need to worry about how many times the glass is refilled—it’s just one glass of soda. If you really stop and think about this you’ll have to admit right away that it doesn’t make sense. But the reality is that many people try not to think about it. Cutting out sweets is hard enough. Cutting out soda, and the caffeine boost that comes with it? That sounds just downright impossible. [Read more]

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Taking Control of Portions *

Posted: Mar 15 in Obesity and your Health by

Sometimes the problem with overeating doesn’t come down to the types of foods that you are eating, but instead how much of those foods that you are eating at one time. Portion control is a huge issue when it comes to weight loss, and the reason for this is because too many people disregard proper serving sizes and simply eat as much as they want in any given sitting. [Read more]

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Fixing the Fast Food Problem *

Posted: Mar 10 in Obesity and your Health by

There is a reason the drive-thru is so crowded. There is a lot of talk about Americans having an obesity problem, but the reality is that most Americans have a work problem, too. As in, there is a lot of work to be done and high expectations surrounding how many hours you work per day and per week. [Read more]

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Improving Self-Esteem after Weight Loss Surgery *

Posted: Feb 20 in Obesity and your Health by

When you believe in yourself, accomplishing your dreams becomes that much easier. It is time to let go of self-doubt and negative self-talk and to embrace positivity as you work towards reaching your health and wellness goals after weight loss surgery. [Read more]

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