Exercise: The Natural Medicine  

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Do you ever wish that there was a pill you could take daily that would make you feel more energized, improve your heart health, provide benefits to your immune system and even help improve your mood? Who wouldn’t wish for such a miracle cure?

Well, the reality is that there is a cure that could provide you with all of these benefits and more, except it doesn’t come in a bottle. Most health experts agree that daily exercise is the answer to so many health issues.

The Benefits of Exercise

The benefits of exercise extend far beyond your weight loss goals. Making changes to your diet and exercise habits can help you to reach your weight loss goal, but as you become more active and interested in personal fitness you can start to experience a surplus of health benefits.

You don’t have to run a marathon every weekend to experience these benefits, either. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), working out for 20 minute intervals just three to four times a week can lead to significant health improvements. What can you do for 20 minutes to experience these benefits? That entirely depends on what you are interested in doing!

For many people who undergo weight loss surgery, exercise is something new that you have to adjust to after your bariatric procedure. Many people look at exercise as a task—something that they have to do, but don’t necessarily look forward to. The trick to finding a successful workout routine is finding and embracing an exercise that you actually enjoy. If you don’t like going for walks or jogs through your neighborhood, then look into taking an aerobics class at the gym. If you don’t like the non-committal atmosphere of a work out class, then consider signing up for lessons in martial arts or dance, where an instructor will hold you accountable for practicing and developing a new skill as you advance through a program.

Finding a workout routine that you enjoy can help you unlock the mental benefits of exercise, in addition to the physical benefits. Exercise is found to reduce your risk of depression, anxiety, and is even shown to improve sleeping patterns, mood, and personal relationships. After weight loss surgery, exercise should play a big role in your day to day life. If you aren’t sure how to get started, reach out to your weight loss surgeon for guidance and recommendations on how to get active in your community.

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