Heather: Gastric Bypass Weight Loss

For Heather, gastric bypass surgery has been a life-changing journey, one that has helped her find new confidence and freedom from conditions like diabetes and sleep apnea. In the Q&A below, Heather shares her story and some valuable advice for anyone considering weight loss surgery. [Read more]

Pamela: Gastric Bypass Weight Loss

Since having gastric bypass surgery in July 2012, Pamela has lost 83 pounds. In the Q&A below, Pamela discusses how weight loss surgery has affected her life and habits and offers advice for others considering a bariatric procedure. [Read more]

Amy: Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss

This picture is the day of surgery NOVEMBER 28, 2012 and the AFTER is FEBRUARY 8th!!! It has been over a year now on this road and I am amazed at my journey thus far. I am pushing forward and taking my body with me just less of it. Lol. I started this journey weighing way way too much and I am proud to say that I have lost just over 225 pounds!!!! That is like a whole person!!! [Read more]

When Does Snacking Become Dangerous?

There are many obstacles to losing weight, from not eating the right foods to eating at the wrong times. [Read more]

Understanding Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass is a type of weight loss surgery where the size of the stomach is reduced and parts of the small intestine is bypassed. [Read more]