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Losing weight becomes more difficult the older you become. For so many people, a quick trip down memory lane is enough to confirm this entirely. As teenagers and even in your early twenties, gaining a few pounds over the holidays was easy enough to remedy by the time summer came around. The older you get, the more difficult this seems to attain, and before you know it you could be facing several years-worth of holiday pounds all at once, with no seeming easy trick for making them disappear. [Read more]



Each of the 50 States boast their own unique attributes—small characteristics of cultural identity that differentiate one state from the next. You don’t need to be a local to travel the borders and to note immediately the subtle changes that make one landscape different from the next. The types of trees will start to change, roads that were once straight will become wildly curvy, and the way that houses and businesses sit along the highway will start to reflect the preferences and attitude of the people who live there. [Read more]