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We need to talk about free refills. There is a huge misconception when it comes to eating out that liquids don’t count, and that when you order a soda you don’t need to worry about how many times the glass is refilled—it’s just one glass of soda. If you really stop and think about this you’ll have to admit right away that it doesn’t make sense. But the reality is that many people try not to think about it. Cutting out sweets is hard enough. Cutting out soda, and the caffeine boost that comes with it? That sounds just downright impossible. [Read more]

For the past decade experts have been talking about the obesity epidemic in the United States. Over 60 percent of US adults are overweight, and one in every three are actually obese. These are staggering statistics—or so they were when they were first released. Obesity is a major health concern, increasing your risk for heart attack, stroke and a long list of other chronic illnesses. But as time has gone by these numbers have lost a lot of their shock value. [Read more]

Losing weight has long been recognized as a way to improve your health. By losing weight you can drastically reduce your risk of having a heart attack, and in many cases can even reverse the onset of type-2 diabetes. Now another health benefit can be added to the top of this list, as researchers have found that weight loss surgery specifically is found to drastically reduce the risk of cancer development in obese individuals—with up to a 33 percent reduction in cancer risk as reported by Reuters. [Read more]



A new study has linked obesity during the earlier years of life with a heightened risk of liver cancer, especially in men. A team of researchers from the Center for Digestive Diseases at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden found that overweight and obese young men are at an increased risk for developing liver disease later on in life, especially if the issues with obesity are allowed to persist into adulthood. [Read more]