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Every couple of months a new weight loss trend begins to dominate the internet. Some of these are fads that are more likely to leave you lighter on your finances than they are to help you feel lighter on your feet, but others are actually healthy trends that resurface in popularity every couple of years, reminding dieters of their merits and potential weight loss results. [Read more]

Just as every climber should know the best path before heading up a mountain, you should start defining the path that will lead you to a healthier body. Exercise goals can serve as milestones of your progress. Instead of pushing blindly through your workouts, you should know what every step is leading towards—this will keep you motivated, build your confidence and set you up for long-term success. [Read more]



Though you may be excited for the impending changes of weight loss surgery, your new exercise needs may also be a source of anxiety—and that’s okay. Transitioning into an active lifestyle is challenging, especially when you aren’t used to working out regularly. However, getting more exercise is an achievable goal, especially if you cope with this lifestyle change by easing into fitness a little bit each day. [Read more]

Picture quotes as positivity snacks, tidbits of insight that can help us refuel our optimism throughout the day and bounce out of bad moods. When we’re down, quotes remind us that there are most positive possibilities out there—that we, like the towering figures who uttered these words of wisdom, can prevail in the face of adversity. [Read more]

Some people have trouble making decisions, even over simple things like what to have for lunch, what to wear or what color to paint a room. This can become a problem when you are faced with life-altering decisions like getting weight loss surgery. Your weight loss surgeon can offer you medical advice and expertise to help you manage your uncertainties, but indecisiveness can really interfere with your weight loss progress if you aren’t careful. [Read more]