Fit for the Long Haul

There is an old saying about not being able to teach an old dog new tricks, and when it comes to losing weight there are many who assume that once they’ve reached a certain age there is just no point in trying to make changes. However, the facts don’t back up this point of view. [Read more]

When Weight Changes with Time

There are a lot of different aspects of life that tend to change with age. Your energy level is definitely one of them, as is your patience and your personal interests. Many of these changes we look at as inevitable, as a sign of growing older. [Read more]

Tips to Cut Down Sugar Intake

We put sugar in our coffee. It’s in our cereal, our smoothies, and most definitely our desserts. It’s in soda. It’s in ketchup. It’s sprinkled on top of fruits and vegetables to make them more appetizing and then poured into everything from corn bread to muffin mixes to make even savory dishes more sweet to the palate. [Read more]

After Weight Loss Surgery, Keep a Food Journal

Weight loss surgery is a life-changing experience, but it isn’t the end of the road. Weight loss surgery is a new beginning, and from there you need to consider the steps you can take to reach your ultimate weight loss goal. Sometimes, going back to the basics is the best way to reach your ultimate dream. [Read more]

Post-Bariatric Dietary Transitions

Weight loss surgery sets you up for long-term weight loss success, but this is only true when you keep up with the dietary changes your weight loss surgeon outlines prior to your operation. If you attempt to maintain the dietary habits that you had prior to your bariatric procedure, then you may not be as successful in reaching your weight loss goals. [Read more]