Getting Started, or Re-Started*

There is no perfect moment to start being healthier. All too often people wait for that quintessentially perfect opportunity. The New Year, a birthday, even Mondays seem to hold a certain level of appeal for starting a new diet plan. Getting off to a good start is not about starting at the right moment, it is just about getting started.

Weight loss surgery is never the first or last step in a weight loss program. The first step is making the choice to be healthier, and the reality is that this choice is something that you will need to make over and over again as you move forward towards reaching your goals.

That being said, getting started on a new diet plan in the fall makes a lot of sense. After all, the fall is a start of new beginnings for a lot of people. The kids go back to school, college semesters start over, and the workforce gets into full gear before the Holiday’s come around in a few months. There is always a collective sigh at the end of summer that signals the end of vacation season, and with that there is a great opportunity to re-dedicate yourself to your weight loss efforts.

So what is the best way to get started off right? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Align yourself with support and keep your motivation and determination levels high!
  • Tell your friends and family members how they can be most helpful to you.
  • Be open and honest with your medical weight loss doctor about any questions or concerns you have.
  • Be willing to accept support and encouragement from those who have been through this before by participating in support groups, either in person or online.

Surrounding yourself with support in these ways can help you stay on track for success as you work towards reaching your weight loss goals.

Whatever time of day, whatever day of the week, to get started you need to make a long and hard decision about what you want for yourself. Once you decide that making changes to your health is in your best interest, everything else will fall into place. Yes, you’ll still be faced with temptation, fatigue, and no shortage of obstacles along the way, but by teaming yourself with the right support network and the best medical weight loss program, you can overcome those hurdles and find yourself losing weight in no time at all.

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*Weight loss surgery results vary between individuals depending on the initial weight, medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to Dr. Bass about the results you can expect.