Not a Morning Person? Try This

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Sneaking in a morning workout is hands down the best way to fit your physical activity goals in for the day. When you get out of bed and immediately get outside and go for a jog, or walk a few laps around the block before heading to work for the day, then you are setting yourself up for success in a whole new way. For one thing, when you start your day with your workout you are more likely to remain committed to your weight loss goals throughout the day. Secondly, when you start the day with your workout you make it more likely that you will fit that workout in every day. Waiting until you get home from work puts a lot at chance. Weather can interfere, as can fatigue, not to mention issues that come up and cause you to work late, leaving little possibility for an evening workout.

The morning is hands-down the most consistent part of your day. You know what time you have to leave the house, and how long it takes you to get ready. Factoring in an extra hour to fit in a quick morning workout is practical and logical. The only issue is finding the energy to get out of bed and follow through with your morning workout plans.

Start the Morning Off Right

The best way to start your day is with a renewed commitment to your health and weight loss goals. Losing weight requires a lot of effort and commitment to your health and wellness goals. This includes sticking to a healthy diet and getting active by exercising every day.

Taking the same approach with your workout plans is a great way to make sure you don’t fall behind on your exercise goals. Here are some strategies to help you be more successful:

  • Put your workout clothing next to your bed and make a plan to wake up and go.
  • Take a walk or go for a jog before you even have your morning cup of coffee.
  • Head to bed 30 minutes to an hour earlier so that you aren’t too tired to wake up in the morning.
  • Keep your workout goals simple so that it is something you can achieve without too much difficulty.

Get your morning started off right by having everything you need to be successful ready to go. Fill up your water bottle and leave it in the fridge. Have your clothing ready to go, or consider even sleeping in your workout clothes so you don’t have to change. Put your socks, sneakers, headphones and anything else you need in one central location so you aren’t wandering around your house wasting time. Starting your morning with a workout is a great way to refocus your weight loss efforts at the beginning of every new day.

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