Skipping Breakfast for the Gym*

Embracing healthy habits from the moment you wake up in the morning will help you to stay focused and dedicated to your weight loss program long-term. For those who are able to swing it, this means hitting the gym (or the pavement in your neighborhood) before even starting that morning commute. A morning workout is a great way to stay dedicated to your fitness goals. For one thing, when you get your workout done in the morning it reduces the risk of letting fatigue, work stress, or other environmental factors from impacting your workout schedule. Another thing, a morning workout can really help you stay positive and dedicated to your wellness goals. It is a lot easier to say no to those office donuts when you are still feeling the physical soreness in your legs from your morning run, for example.

While exercising first thing in the morning is proven to encourage healthier weight loss results, there is another morning factor that also plays a big role in your ability to lose weight: breakfast! Long touted as the most important meal of the day, breakfast is another way to set your intention for the day and start your day off with something positive and encouraging for your weight loss program.

If you are someone who is dedicated to morning workouts, however, then new research suggests that you may actually benefit from letting that breakfast habit become something of the past. A new study found that those who work-out daily first thing in the morning are actually better off skipping breakfast before their workout. Those who did leave their first meal for after the gym were more likely to lose weight, and lost that weight at a faster pace.

There are a lot of reasons for this correlation. First, a trip to the gym is likely to leave you feeling the need for a bit of refreshment, so those who do eat breakfast and then go to the gym are actually more likely to eat a second breakfast after they leave the gym. This means extra calories, which does not help weight loss. Secondly, when you head to the gym before breaking the “fast” of your night’s rest, then your body is going to go into its reserves for energy—not rely on what you just ate. This can help you to burn more fat, more quickly.

If you are working out every day, it is important that you are staying nourished and hydrated. Talk with your weight loss surgeon about the best way to balance your diet with your workout plans.

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