Tips to Cut Down Sugar Intake

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We put sugar in our coffee. It’s in our cereal, our smoothies, and most definitely our desserts. It’s in soda. It’s in ketchup. It’s sprinkled on top of fruits and vegetables to make them more appetizing and then poured into everything from cornbread to muffin mixes to make even savory dishes more sweet to the palate.

Cutting sugar out of your diet is not an easy thing to do, but it is absolutely worth the hassle. When you cut sugar out of your diet you actually change the way that your brain works. Sugar activates sensors in the brain that encourage you to eat. This means that when you eat even just a little bit of sugar, your brain starts receiving messages from your gut that you want more food. This is actually the reason behind a lot of cravings! When you cut out sugar, you can start reducing how often you experience those cravings, and can thereby help yourself want to eat less often.

Getting Started

When you are first getting started with cutting out sugar from your life, don’t attempt to cut out too much too quick. It isn’t reasonable to think that you can go sugar-free overnight. Be easy on yourself and take small steps to help you reach your goals.

Here are a few quick tips that can help you cut sugar out once and for all:

  • Opt for no sugar in your coffee or tea
  • Switch your morning cereal or muffin to a whole egg or fresh fruit
  • Look for alternative sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth, like fresh fruit
  • Stay clear of places that will tempt you to break your goals. Remember, even just a little bit of sugar is likely to make you want more!

Cutting out sugar is a major lifestyle shift, and it is one that can definitely help you with your weight loss goals after having weight loss surgery. Your bariatric procedure can help you to cut down on hunger, but making a major change like cutting out sugar can help you to cut down on cravings, which are a huge weight loss obstacle.

For support and guidance as you make changes in your diet to help you eat less sugar, make sure you reach out to your weight loss surgeon.

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