Why Waiting for the New Year Doesn’t Work

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why-waiting-for-the-new-year-doesnt-workLosing weight is the number one New Year’s resolution made every single year, but the reality is that waiting until January 1st to get started with your weight loss plans doesn’t make any sense. That is because statistically, according to researchers out of Cornell University, you are likely to gain more weight during the months of October, November and December than you are during any other time of the year. And while Americans tend to take the heat for being the ones who struggle with obesity and weight gain the most, this trend is actually quite universal, found internationally and across cultures—meaning that winter weight gain is actually a global problem.

There are several reasons that winter weight gain is so pervasive. Factors like the holidays, cold weather and family gatherings play a huge role in both exercise habits and eating behaviors. The result is that many people begin taking in more calories while burning fewer calories throughout the early winter season. Unfortunately, the weight gain that results from this sticks around an average of five months, meaning that those sugar cookies are going to be a problem all the way until May.

It makes sense that by the time January 1st comes around the average person is so sick of sweets and weight gain that losing weight is fresh on their mind when it comes to making a New Year’s resolution. However, you don’t have to wait until then to get serious.

Making the decision to lose weight now, before the winter weight gain begins, is the best way to set yourself up for a strong winter season.

Weight loss surgery isn’t something that you can jump into lightly. Many weight loss surgeon’s recommend trying to lose weight before the procedure to help kick start the positive results. Your positive results can start as quickly as today by simply starting to make healthier choices. By making healthy changes, such as opting for lower calorie meals, drinking more water, and attempting to exercise by taking a walk around the block or spending more time on your feet at the office, can help you prepare for your weight loss journey ahead.

Researchers have found that the average person will gain at least some weight during the last three months of the year. Taking precautions by getting started with a quality weight loss program can help you prevent the end of the year bulge. Talk to your weight loss surgeon to learn how you can get started with weight loss today.

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