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Adjustable Gastric Band Revision Surgery in Florida’s Gulf Coast

The Gastric Band is a surgical procedure that has helped thousands of overweight people in Fort Myers and Naples, Florida, lose excess body weight, improve weight-related health conditions, and enhance their quality of life.

Gastric Band surgery was once the most popular bariatric surgery. However, increased complications years after the procedure have made it less favored, and most bariatric surgeons no longer offer it.

Many people are exploring the Gastric Band to Gastric Sleeve revision surgery to avoid long-term complications.

Bariatric surgeons rarely offer Gastric Band surgery.

Unlike other weight loss surgery procedures, the Gastric band procedure did not require stomach cutting, stapling, or re-routing of the gastrointestinal tract to bypass normal digestion, making it attractive to many obese patients. The procedure involved implanting a silicone ring containing an inflatable cuff (known as a gastric band) around the upper portion of the stomach during a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Once the gastric band was in place, it could be adjusted to restrict the amount of food a patient ate.

The goal of the Gastric Band was to create a new, smaller stomach pouch that could hold only a tiny amount of food, reducing the stomach’s food storage area. The gastric band also controlled the stoma (stomach outlet) between the newly created, smaller upper stomach pouch and the lower part of the stomach. The smaller the stomach, the quicker people felt full, and the slower food moved between the upper and lower portions of the stomach during digestion. As a result, people felt less hungry, ate less, and lost weight.

Expected results from Gastric-Band Surgery

A band generally resulted in a 50 percent loss of excess weight within the first 18 months of surgery*. These results varied depending on your starting weight, the amount of exercise, and how closely the patient followed a diet.

Gulf Coast Bariatrics does not offer a Gastric Band except in rare instances. Many patients opt to have their bands revised to a Gastric Sleeve, which has fewer long-term issues.

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