Weight Loss Surgery in Marco Island, Florida

If you are trying to lose weight in Marco Island, consider the benefits of weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery makes weight loss possible for those who have struggled to overcome obesity through traditional dietary and exercise changes. Those in Marco Island can benefit from weight loss surgery by visiting our office just 20 minutes north along the Gulf Coast.

Many people who struggle with obesity are unsuccessful at losing weight through traditional diets. Fad diets and lifestyle changes will often cause a small amount of short term weight loss, but may ultimately lead to weight regain. Weight loss surgery breaks the seemingly endless cycle of weight loss and gain by restricting the amount of food you are able to eat at one time and physically altering the way your body digests food.

At Gulf Coast Bariatrics, Dr. Thomas Bass offers several forms of weight loss surgery to help you experience the best weight loss possible.

Weight loss surgery options for Marco Island residents include:

  • Lap Band Surgery
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

Dr. Thomas Bass is a highly experienced bariatric surgeon who uses minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques to perform bariatric surgery, helping you lose weight without many of the risks associated with traditional surgery. Thanks to laparoscopic surgery, you can expect to return home to Marco Island quicker after your operation.

Minimally Invasive Weight Loss Surgery in Marco Island

Instead of creating one large incision, laparoscopic surgery uses three to five smaller incisions in the abdominal wall and the entire procedure is then completed using specialized tools that project an enhanced image of the treated area onto a screen in the operating room.

Benefits of laparoscopic weight loss surgery include:

  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Fewer post-operative complications
  • Fast recovery
  • Minimal scarring

Dr. Bass is dedicated to helping his patients live as healthily as possible. He understands the difficulty many people have losing weight and offers weight loss surgery as a tool to help those who’ve struggled to lose weight finally win their battle with obesity. By restricting your stomach, weight loss surgery will reduce the hunger you experience. Following your operation, you will not be able to eat more than several ounces of food at a time. This reduced diet combined with regular physical activity can lead to drastic but sustainable weight loss.

At Gulf Coast Bariatrics, Dr. Bass and his team of weight loss specialists are there for you the entire time you are losing weight in Marco Island. Support groups and seminars are held to help you remain motivated and on track with your weight loss goals.

If you would like to learn more about weight loss surgery so you can lose weight in Marco Island, contact us.