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Ted lost 130 lbs with lap band

Susan lost 102 pounds with gastric bypass surgery

Ric lost 100lbs with lap band

Phyllis lost 87 lbs with lap band

Pam lost 100 lbs with lap band

J Toro lost 100 lbs with lap band

Joe Lost 130 pounds with lap band

Eymie lost 100 lbs with lap band

Eileen lost 85 pounds with Lap band

Dwayne Lost 166 pounds with gastric sleeve

Cindy Lost 100 Pounds with LAP-BAND surgery

Carol lost 90lbs with lap band

Arlene lost 75 lbs with lap band

Bobbie 209 lb weight loss with gastric Bypass

Deidre lost 87 pounds with lap band

Gary lost 115 pounds with gastric bypass

Ronda Lost 160 pounds with Gastric Bypass

Eddie: Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss

John: LAPBAND Weight Loss

Hope lost 114 pounds with Roux-en-Y Gastric bypass

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