Surgical Weight Loss Help and Support

Emotional support is crucial for the long term management of weight loss. Help with weight loss for those who have struggled to lose weight is available in post-bariatric surgery support groups.

You cannot always stay on track and lose weight on your own. With the many options available for weight loss help in Naples and Ft. Meyers, you do not have to. Combined with the support of friends and family members, a weight loss support group provides you with the opportunity to network with others who have experienced similar struggles with their weight as they undergo the lifestyle changes necessary to lose weight after bariatric surgery.

What Does a Weight Loss Support Group Offer?

Attending a support group is helpful for long term weight management. One of the most important benefits support groups can offer you is the realization that you are not alone.

Additional benefits support groups can offer are:

  • Education
  • Mental health counseling
  • Ongoing motivation
  • Peer support
  • Accountability

Support groups can also help you develop skills to communicate and relate more efficiently with others. This is often useful as you are learning to cope with lifestyle changes after bariatric surgery and are attempting to maintain relationships while changing the way you treat your health and body.

Support Groups Help Weight Loss Efforts

Support groups have long been encouraged by physicians to enhance weight loss efforts after bariatric surgery.

Studies show that being surrounded by others who have experienced similar weight issues and working closely with those who share similar health and weight loss goals as you, can significantly help the weight loss efforts of the entire group.

For the weight loss help you’ll need after bariatric surgery, find more ¬†information about the support groups available in Naples and Ft. Myers by visiting our support group schedule.