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Preventing Weight Re-Gain

Posted: Nov 24 in Weight Loss Blog by

Easily the most stressful part of the weight loss process is the realization that you’ve begun to re-gain weight that you thought you were able to successfully say goodbye to. Weight loss is a long process, and for some people the threat of re-gaining weight never really goes away. You can lose 100 lbs, and the threat of old habits may still lurk in the background, threatening to return you to your old way of life. [Read more]

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Balancing your Life to Lose Weight

Posted: Nov 17 in Weight Loss Blog by

When you set out on a weight loss journey, it can quickly become a whirlwind of big changes. Some of these changes are easier to keep up with than others. While it is great to start feeling healthier, and everyone loves those early days when the weight first starts to fall off and your clothes start fitting nicer, there are plenty of other changes that aren’t quite as simple. Keeping up with your diet changes and exercise goals can quickly become more hassle than enjoyment. Finding a way to set up your schedule in a way that will support long-term success is the best solution. [Read more]

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Losing Weight with your Favorite Foods

Posted: Nov 10 in Post-Bariatric Diet, Weight Loss Blog by

Losing weight requires making long-term changes to your diet and lifestyle, including how active you are. The dietary changes that you make have to be focused around your new weight loss program. Your weight loss surgeon will spell out these changes for you to make it plain and simple, but this won’t change the fact that there are some foods that you will always love, and saying goodbye to them forever may seem more and more difficult with every passing day of your weight loss plan. [Read more]

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The Benefits of Online Support Groups

Posted: Oct 27 in Weight Loss Blog by

The internet has fundamentally changed the way we live our lives in many different ways. There are options to go to school online, to work online, and even to order groceries to your home from the internet. If you spend enough time and energy trying to make it happen, you can pretty much guarantee you would never have to leave your house again, so long as you maintained your internet connection. [Read more]

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How to Stay Positive as you Lose Weight

Posted: Oct 20 in Weight Loss Blog by

Staying positive is really important as you are trying to lose weight. Concentrating too much on the weight loss obstacles in front of you, or the stress of taking on so many new healthy changes can really interfere with your ability to stay motivated and focused on your weight loss goals. Finding ways to stay positive isn’t always easy, but it is absolutely always worth it. [Read more]

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Finding Healthy Snacks to Love

Posted: Oct 13 in Post-Bariatric Diet, Weight Loss Blog by

One of the biggest myths surrounding weight loss programs is that in order to lose weight you have to be hungry all of the time.  This just isn’t the case, and you can talk to anyone who has successfully lose weight using weight loss surgery as witness. When you undergo weight loss surgery, your body goes through so many changes to support your new healthy lifestyle that hunger isn’t an issue—especially if you spend the time getting to know what you can have, and what you will enjoy. [Read more]

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Dance Workouts: Great for Weight Loss

Posted: Oct 06 in Weight Loss Blog by

When was the last time that you caught yourself day dreaming at the office about the workout waiting for you at the gym? For far too many people, heading to the gym is a chore. Sure, it may feel great when you are done, but are you having a great time while you are in the midst of your workout? If not, then it is probably going to be difficult to keep up with your workout goals over time. The more you dislike your workout, the less likely you are to stick with it. [Read more]

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Snacking Alternatives

Posted: Sep 24 in Weight Loss Blog by

Cutting down on snacks is one of the fundamental aspects of any weight loss program. To lose weight you need to eat less and move more, and while snacks may feel nice in the moment, they are rarely actually necessary nor are they good for you. [Read more]

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Online Support Groups

Posted: Sep 17 in Weight Loss Blog by

Losing weight is a stressful process, and attempting to do it on your own is nearly impossible. This is why partnering with a strong weight loss program is a smart decision. [Read more]

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Creative Workout Ideas

Posted: Sep 10 in Weight Loss Blog by

There are some people who are born loving to run, and there are others who just plain and simple don’t like it. If your memories of gym class are filled with anxiety and dread, and you can’t remember the last time you happily went to the gym, then attempting to go all-in on a workout program that you know you aren’t going to enjoy doesn’t make sense. [Read more]

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