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Give Your Diet a Healthy Makeover

Posted: May 24 in Weight Loss Blog by

When people talk about diets and eating healthy, it might conjure up an image of small plates filled with weird food you don’t want to eat. But eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. You don’t have to forsake your favorite dishes in order to care for your body. You just need to modify them a bit. Below you’ll find a few healthy alternatives that will give your diet a makeover and still allow you to enjoy dinner time. [Read more]

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Getting Back in Shape after 40

Posted: May 17 in Weight Loss Blog by

So it’s finally time to get yourself back in shape. You’ve realized that age is starting to have a real effect on your body, and you want to do something about it. Getting back in shape can be difficult, because your body doesn’t burn fat as easily as it used to, and it doesn’t recover as rapidly as it did when you were young. However, if you exercise intelligently, you can still get to the fitness levels you want without injuring yourself while doing so. You just have to exercise a little smarter. [Read more]

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8 Crucial Health and Well-Being Benefits of Cycling

Posted: May 10 in Weight Loss Blog by

If you’re looking to raise your exercise levels, taking up cycling is an activity you may not have considered. However, it’s one of the most effective types of exercise you can do, with many benefits to go alongside simply getting fitter. Here are eight of the most important ways cycling can improve your well-being. [Read more]

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6 Smart Ways Yoga Boosts Your Weight Loss Success

Posted: Apr 26 in Weight Loss Blog by

There are many approaches to take toward losing weight. A combination of calorie counting and exercise is the most straightforward and effective, while for many people some of the more unusual diet plans can wind up being more trouble than they’re worth.
However, one technique for boosting weight loss is often overlooked. The ancient practice of yoga can greatly help your dieting effort, even if a session doesn’t burn through calories quite as quickly as cardio or jogging. Here are five reasons why it works. [Read more]

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Anxiety: 5 Ways Your Diet Could Be Causing Your Symptoms

Posted: Apr 19 in Weight Loss Blog by

Anxiety can produce a wide range of distressing symptoms, including chest pains, breathlessness and tingling in the fingers. Many of these symptoms can be caused or made worse by your diet or the food you eat. Here are five ways your diet could be causing or making your symptoms worse.
Levels of sugar in the blood fluctuate naturally, but sudden changes in blood sugar can cause a range of symptoms, including anxiety, lightheadedness and headaches. Eating a diet high in sugar, refined carbohydrates and processed foods can cause blood sugar levels to spike and fall regularly, aggravating your anxiety and increasing the severity of symptoms. [Read more]

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Four Exercise Tips for the Non-Athletic Person Stuck at Home

Posted: Apr 12 in Weight Loss Blog by

People who love to exercise have no problem finding ways to get in a workout no matter where they are or what’s going on. They use the hotel gym when traveling, jog in the nearest park during disasters, and flow into yoga any time of the day and any place they can squeeze a mat. If you don’t work out on a regular basis, the thought of exercising when under stress can cause even more stress. But keeping fit during difficult times is important. Studies show that exercise can raise the heart rate, which increases endorphins in the brain and also helps calm the mind, which will lead to more and better sleep. We know sleep is essential for staying healthy and a calm, relaxed state is vital to overall well-being. Here are four tips for the non-athlete to get in some exercise while at home. [Read more]

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A Message From Dr. Bass

Posted: Apr 08 in Bulletin Board, Weight Loss Blog by

We are going through a very strange time right now in the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19). As you may know, all elective surgery in the state of Florida was canceled as of 3/19/2020. It is with great sadness that this has impacted many of you who have worked so hard to get through the preoperative […]

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FREE Live Workout Class by Bari Life

Posted: Apr 08 in Bulletin Board by

We are hosting another FREE Live Workout Class this Saturday at 11:00 AM Eastern. Here are the details: It’s all online so you can join from the comfort of your home It lasts 30 minutes It’s 100% Free – just show up and work No equipment needed Exercise modifications are explained in full so everyone […]

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How Your Perception Colors What You See

Posted: Mar 15 in Weight Loss Blog by

Have you noticed some people are happy most of the time, no matter what goes on in their lives? Other folks, though, are never satisfied. Whether things go well or they face challenges, they give the impression life is a drag. People’s demeanors don’t occur by chance, however. Nor are they at the mercy of genetics. Perception colors everything they see, coating it with sunshine or misery. What’s more, perception isn’t fixed; you can change the way you survey the world and alter your level of satisfaction. [Read more]

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Summer Fitness without the Workout

Posted: Mar 08 in Weight Loss Blog by

You won’t love summer’s warmth if you are afraid to wear less and reveal extra flesh. You’ll want to stay under wraps rather than pop on a swimming costume and jump in the sea or wear a skimpy outfit. The answer, you probably imagine, is to workout. Nonetheless, exercising at the gym might not be your idea of enjoyment. Fortunately, you can get fit in the following ways rather than sweating in an aerobics class. [Read more]

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