10 Tips to Get You Back on Track


  • How much protein are you taking in?
  • What types of protein rich foods are you eating?
  • Lean protein such as fish and chicken are the best for weight loss.
  • The goal for weight loss is at least 70-80 grams per day.

Protein Shakes

  • Replace your breakfast meal with protein shake.
  • If you have been using the same brand or flavor change it up.
  • Get creative and add some spice to your shakes.

Carbs, Carbs, Carbs

  • Have you added more carbohydrate rich foods into your daily meals?
  • If so remove them.


  • How much are you drinking?
  • 64 ounces is the minimum
  • Start by increasing your intake by 8 ounces per day.


  • Are you eating them?
  • If so how much and what kinds?
  • Get creative with adding vegetables to your meals and shakes. Or you can start juicing.


  • Are you taking them?
  • If so what kind and have you seen a benefit from them?


  • Have you added it back in?
  • If so how much?
  • A good guideline to follow is no more than one caffeinated beverage per day.
  • If you are gaining weight eliminate the caffeine altogether.


  • Are you exercising regularly.
  • Are you stuck with the same routine?
  • Change your workout. You can increase the intensity or endurance or change it altogether. Start with trying another cardio routine or strength training class.
  • Location Meals
  • Where are you eating your meals?
  • If you find yourself eating all over, start to limit this behavior to the kitchen or dining room table. No eating in front of the TV, Computer, Kitchen Counter or Car.

Food Journal

  • Keep one!!!
  • One of the best tools to get you back on track and to help you understand your eating behaviors.