3 Ways to Enjoy Dieting

Dieting doesn’t have to be stressful or painful. In fact, dieting can be a fun and exciting process provided you take the time to personalize it. With these top three tips, you can make dieting enjoyable in no time.

Slow and Steady Changes

One of the most common challenges dieters face is losing access to their favorite foods. While greasy pizzas and chocolate cakes should be saved for special days, you don’t have to throw away the foods you love just to lose weight. Doing so will only cause you to resent your new lifestyle, and it’s likely that you won’t stick with it for a long time.

To ensure you lower your caloric intake while still enjoying your meals, take the time to find new recipes or restaurants that offer healthier choices. Instead of a greasy pizza, opt for a vegetarian version that uses healthier ingredients for a tasty substitution. If you love bagels and cream cheese, start to choose whole wheat bagels and non-fat cream cheese to reduce your caloric intake.

Along with foods, pay attention to what you drink since many beverages are loaded with sugars and carbs. A single can of soda is enough to thwart your diet, and even coffee with milk may be adding unnecessary pounds. If you’re currently drinking sodas and lattes, try replacing them with sugar-free options like black coffee and tea. Tea is especially beneficial since it’s hydrating and can boost your metabolism without sugar. By slowly replacing your favorite unhealthy foods and drinks with healthier options, you will be able to stick with your diet long enough to see fantastic results.

Forget About Numbers

You don’t have to micromanage your weight and caloric intake to successfully diet. Your weight fluctuates throughout the day regardless of your diet, and obsessing over each pound will make dieting harder than it should be. Instead of weighing yourself after each meal and counting every carb, create visual guidelines that will help you stay on track throughout your journey.

For each meal, plan to eat a portion roughly the size of your fist. This may seem small, but it’s actually the ideal amount for getting the average person full. Eat slowly and drink water throughout the meal to feel fuller, and wait at least 15 minutes before getting any extra servings.

Instead of stepping on the scale every morning, choose two days each month where you plan to weigh yourself. This will give you a better outline of your progress while also reducing the stress of checking every day. To help visualize the process, take a picture each time you weigh yourself so you can see the progress you’ve made. Make sure to wear similar clothing in each picture so you have an accurate representation. While the changes may seem slow at first, you’ll be amazed by the progress after a few months.

Congratulate Yourself

Dieting is a lifelong process, and it’s perfectly natural to sometimes eat the wrong thing. Your goal should be a healthy lifestyle and mindset, and there’s no need to feel depressed over any setbacks along the way. Feel free to enjoy an unhealthy meal once in a while, but remember not to make a habit out of it.

A healthy lifestyle requires a healthy mind and body, and avoiding guilt over your past choices is one the keys to succeeding in your diet. Take it slow, and know that each positive choice you make will help you tremendously in the future. By following these top three tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your new healthy diet for years to come.