6 Super-Simple Ways to Lose Weight More Easily

Trendy diets come and go, each one promising better results than the last. And while some of them may work well enough to help you shed the pounds, extreme diets are unlikely to last if they make you miserable.

To achieve long-lasting weight loss, you need to fit a few changes into your daily life. Here are six ways to do exactly that, whichever particular diet plan you decide to follow.

1) Drink More Water

Thirst and hunger both spark very similar feelings, and many fattening snacks seem far more tempting when you’re thirsty. Drinking more water will not only stave off these false hunger pangs, but it’ll fill your stomach up, meaning it takes less food to make you feel full.

And what’s more, drinking cold water kicks your metabolism into overdrive, burning more calories even when you’re sitting still.

2) Reduce Your Stress

Stress in modern life is difficult to avoid, but trying to take things a bit easier can have a huge impact on your weight loss. You’ll be less likely to give in to comfort eating, and when you’re relaxed enough to focus mindfully on your food, you’ll eat less. Try taking up meditation, yoga, or Pilates to help balance your body and spirit, and you’ll find dieting much easier.

3) Fill Up on Vegetables

Of course, successful weight loss means cutting down on those fatty, sugary snacks. However, they don’t need to leave a hunger-shaped hole in your days. You can still eat as many vegetables as you want.

Sticks of raw carrot, bell pepper, or string beans might not seem as tempting at first. But you’ll soon come to grow to like these healthier snacks, and the desire for sweet temptations will start to fade.

4) Switch to Lean Protein

Proteins are essential for a balanced, healthy diet, but this doesn’t need to mean eating fatty meats or dairy products. Instead, take your protein in a leaner form, such as with skinless chicken breast or healthy beans and pulses. Your body will digest the protein more easily to gain its essential amino acids but without the excess calories.

5) Healthier Carbs

And no matter what trendy diet gurus may say, you do need some carbs in your diet to stay healthy. However, try making the switch to healthier carbohydrates such as brown rice or wholemeal pasta. These are much better for you than highly processed foodstuffs. They’re also digested more steadily to remove the peaks and troughs in blood sugar that lead to irresistible hunger pangs.

6) Raise Your Physical Activity Game

Exercise is a vital part of the weight loss equation, but this doesn’t need to mean grueling early mornings in the gym or hours spent pounding the pavements jogging.

Add a little exercise into your daily life by walking instead of driving for short journeys, using the stairs rather than the elevator, or taking an evening stroll rather than sitting in front of the TV after supper. These little changes soon add up to an impressive amount of extra calories burned each day.

No one seriously says losing weight is a breeze, but it doesn’t need to be as complicated and miserable as most extreme diets make it. Living a healthier life and taking care over what you eat will help you achieve your ideal weight without punishing your body over an unbalanced diet.