Avoiding Eating Traps

Is your home filled with eating traps?

If you have had banded gastric plication weight loss surgery, the volume of food your stomach can hold has been reduced. Pursuing this weight loss tool can be extremely beneficial to your weight loss goals. Help yourself lose weight prior to your upcoming operation by avoiding eating traps around your home.

In addition, changing some simple eating behaviors can really supplement the banded gastric plication weight loss surgery you have already had. Many of us have been told since childhood to finish everything on our plates. Sometimes going against these ingrained childhood lessons is difficult, even when we know eating less is a healthier option.

An effective strategy is to simply change the size of the plate you eat on. Choose a smaller salad plate, instead of a larger dinner plate, and you will generally eat less food, even if you still finish everything served. A smaller than normal size bowl can be chosen for eating soup or cereal, with the same beneficial results.

Another good idea is to prefill your plate in the kitchen, rather than having self-serve bowls on the dining room table. If you are enjoying the lovely Cape Coral outdoor weather, just bring your prefilled plate outside and leave the serving bowls in the house.

Paying attention to eating seems to cause people to eat less, too. If you eat while watching television, you may be mindlessly consuming calories you really don’t even want! Try eating in the dining room and taking a non-caloric drink in with you when you watch your favorite shows.

Lastly, keep your healthiest food choices where you can see them easily, putting the less healthy ones out of site.