Bariatric Surgery and Kidney Disease

While many people can lose weight through normal diet and exercise, others cannot. If you are very overweight and haven’t had success with other diets, then you may want to consider weight loss surgery. Even though weight loss surgery comes with risks, it may be your only way to getting down to a healthy weight.

For many patients weight loss surgery has not always been a viable option. However, with advances in bariatric surgical procedures, weight loss surgery is becoming an option for more and more people. Your weight loss surgeon in Naples can help you to determine which type of bariatric surgery is best for you, and can help you develop a weight loss plan to begin living a healthier lifestyle.

In the past, patients with kidney disease were often not recommended for bariatric surgery due to the enhanced risk of complications during surgery. Recent research suggests that only five to 10 percent of people with kidney disease experience complications during weight loss surgery. Though, a person with advanced kidney disease is more likely to experience complications than someone who has an early stage of kidney disease. For many kidney disease patients, obesity may prevent them from undergoing a lifesaving kidney transplant, which makes bariatric surgery a crucial aspect of their treatment plan. It is still important, however, to talk to your surgeon about the potential risks to decide if it is right for you.

After you get weight loss surgery, there are certain rules and guidelines you must follow. For example, you should avoid snacking and drinking carbonated beverages. Snacking can slow down your progress, while drinking carbonated beverages can increase the pressure in your stomach. It’s also important to eat a balanced diet that is filled with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. Instead of eating as you’re watching television, pay attention to what you are eating. This way, you will know when you’re full.

Also, try finding a weight loss support group after your surgery. In a support group, you will find people who have also gone through weight loss surgery. They can offer you emotional support and give you advice on how to succeed. By losing weight through bariatric surgery, kidney disease patients may be able to increase their health and ability to undergo crucial treatment that their weight would have otherwise prevented.