Bariatric Surgery Preparation

Weight loss help through bariatric surgery requires many preoperative and postoperative details. From your initial consultation with your Cape Coral bariatric surgeon up to the day of your procedure, being properly prepared not only keeps you informed and reduces your anxiety, but decreases your risk of complications. Being prepared also makes your recovery less stressful and more comfortable.

  • Your Initial Consultation – Preparing for your initial evaluation and consultation includes having a list of all your medications with you. Some medications may interact with weight loss surgery, so they may need to be adjusted. Additionally, certain medications may need to be crushed for a few days after surgery. You and your surgeon will also discuss your complete medical history, as well as any anesthesia complications you or family members may have had.
  • Prior to Your Procedure – Compile the recommended supplies needed for your recovery at home. Ask a friend or family member to drive you home after your bariatric surgery; if possible see if you can have someone stay with you for a few days after your surgery. Stop smoking for at least a month before surgery and discontinue drinking alcohol for 48 hours prior to surgery. Find a support group that can provide weight loss help and support during your recovery. You might also want to consider getting a medical power of attorney, living will, and advance directive prior to your operatopm. Finally, pack a hospital bag with personal items, including comfortable clothing to wear after your surgery. Make sure you bring your insurance card with you to surgery, but leave extra credit cards and valuables at home.