Be Active after Lap Band Surgery

An increasingly common weight loss surgery in Naples is the laparoscopic adjustable gastric band procedure, or Lap Band surgery. This bariatric operation is ideal for obese patients with a body mass index of 35 or above. Following your Lap Band operation it is crucial that you begin to engage in physical activity in order to optimize surgical results and naturally maintain a healthy weight.

Although it is important to start out slow, you can work with your surgeon, primary care physician and weight loss team to determine the intensity at which you should work out and the pace at which you can increase your physical fitness level. Wanting to do too much too soon might cause adverse and potentially threatening side effects, while not doing enough might not have a significant effect on your health.

Working out does not necessarily mean grueling hours on your treadmill or at a gym. Here are a few tips to consider to stay active at the fitness level that your surgeon recommends for you.

  • Very light activity: Walk your dog, check the mail, cook your favorite meal, make some tunes on your instrument of choice, anything that gets you to move a little.
  • Light activity: Take a leisurely walk around the neighborhood, pull out your vacuum cleaner and do some light cleaning, play with your little ones, make a golf date, anything keeps you active without tiring you out.
  • Moderate activity: Get your heart beating with a brisk walk, pull out your gardening gloves, go for a ride or move your feet to a beat.
  • High activity: Get your heart racing with a power walk or run, grab some friends and play a sport like basketball or take a hike.

The benefits of activity after lap band surgery exceed weight loss. Losing weight actually can improve your whole body’s well-being, so get moving! You’ll be surprised just how fun and gratifying it can be.