Beach Fitness and Fun in Naples and Ft. Myers

Beach Fitness and Fun in Naples and Ft. Myers

Here along the Gulf Coast, we have access to a valuable fitness resource that our landlocked neighbors do not: the beach. In Ft. Myers and Naples, our beaches can be more than just a place to spend a relaxing afternoon in the sun—they can be the perfect venue for burning calories and building your fitness.

Spending time by the ocean can be a huge weight loss help after bariatric surgery, especially if you use your days at the beach doing more than just sunbathing. Because we have beautiful year-round weather in Naples and Ft. Myers, you can head down to the beach to exercise and play exhilaratingly active games even when the water’s too cold to swim, and this can make it much easier to get the workouts you need (and have some fun in the process).

Looking for a few ways to get active at the beach? Enjoy a day in the sun and get the weight loss help of a good workout by:

  • Playing bocce ball. Most people love long walks on the beach, so why not make a game of it? Bocce ball is played by rolling a small ball (“pallina”) and taking turns to see who can throw larger colored balls (“boccia”) closer to it. Though a regulation bocce court is about 76 feet by 10 feet, you can ignore this rule and work your way endlessly down the beach, throwing the pallina a little further each time to keep yourself walking and rolling down the sand.
  • Building a sandcastle. It may seem like child’s play, but you can burn some serious calories with this sandy activity if you get a little more ambitious. Digging through and piling on sand to build a magnificent, towering castle will give your muscles a workout, as will hefting buckets of water from the surf to give your creation a worthy moat.
  • Jumping the waves. Face the ocean and stand near the tidal line, waiting for the waves to gently roll in. Hop over the low crests for about two minutes, then turn and hop over them sideways. Though waves tend to be fairly calm along the Gulf Coast, this may not be the best choice in hurricane season—it isn’t a good idea to attempt to jump waves more than three to four inches tall.

Before trying any of these activities, remember: you should always check with your weight loss surgeon to make sure a new exercise will be healthy for you. What other beach activities have helped you get fit and have fun in Naples and Ft. Myers? Tell us your favorites in the comments.