Before You Sleep, Do These 5 Things

It’s time to hit the hay, at last. But you’re not ready to switch off just yet. Once you’ve climbed beneath the blankets, you have the chance to ensure you wake up refreshed the following day. Do these five things before you sleep and take charge of your outlook.


How would you have dealt with challenges today differently?

Each day brings trials. Without forewarning, though, you cannot prepare for them. You can’t change what transpires. Nor can you make sure similar difficulties don’t crop up again. But you can look at the lessons setbacks offer.

Would you have handled situations differently given a second-chance? If so, what would you have done? Run through a new scenario in your imagination.

Practice coping with demands and implement fresh behavior. Your subconscious will be calmer. You won’t attract stress-related dreams because your mind will have made sense of what took place.

Tension will lift, and you’ll get a healthy night’s sleep. Sleep is essential for a sharp, healthy mind, so you’ll have the power to focus and think clearly the next morning.


What makes you grateful today?

Think about what made you glad. Did you learn something? Meet someone special? Enjoy time with friends? Maybe, you are grateful for the beauty of nature? Or content with life?

People often overlook opportunities to be thankful, and little wonders that bring joy don’t seep into their long-term memory. Gratitude for the day’s offerings will help cement each blessing in your mind.

Your system responds to gratitude by producing happy hormones, and you’ll benefit immediately and the coming day.


What are your greatest non-material assets?

Build even more gratitude. Remember your greatest non-material resources. It’s fine to appreciate material belongings that make you happy as well. But thinking about those that cost nothing before you sleep is soothing and assures your psyche you truly are blessed.


Think of the people you appreciate

Increase a sense of security and love. Consider the people, and pets, you love. Think about how they bring you joy, make you smile, and care for you. Focus on those with whom you have no issues and fill you with warmth.


Bathe in self-appreciation and peace

While you consider sources of joy, practice self-appreciation. Let motivating self-talk encourage you and offer kind words. Be your own best friend. Celebrate your successes, however small, with affectionate pats on the back by means of your imagination.


Right before you go to sleep, you’ll meet the opportunity to create a healthy mindset to carry into the next day. Let go of stress and fill your head with gratitude, appreciation, and compassion. The following morning, you’ll awaken restored and happy.