Bigger Forks Can Enhance Weight Loss Efforts

If you are looking for some weight loss help in Bonita Springs, there are some tricks you can try that help many people eat less. You may have heard that eating from smaller plates can help you eat less so you lose weight. However, this is not the only simple fix you can try. A recent study shows that using larger forks can help you eat less as well. These changes can alter your perceptions about how much you are eating, and help you to lose weight by cutting calories.

A recent study evaluated the leftovers from restaurant patrons, and found that those that ate with forks that were twenty percent larger than a normal fork consumed significantly less than those who ate with a regular sized fork. This was only the case when large portions were provided. However, most restaurants these days serve huge portions so this trick will probably be useful whenever you eat out.

Although the study only considered restaurant meals and not meals eaten at home, the same effect may occur, especially if you tend to serve yourself portions that are too large. If you are trying to lose weight, you may want to invest in smaller plates and larger forks to see if they help you to stick with your calorie intake goals and help you lose weight. If your schedule causes you to eat out more often than your diet would want, try bringing your own fork with you to the restaurant. When combined with a healthy diet and increased levels of exercise, eating with a larger fork may enhance your weight loss efforts.