Bon Voyage after Weight Loss Surgery

Plan Ahead for Traveling after Weight Loss SurgeryPlan ahead for traveling after weight loss surgery with these ideas for a worry free vacation.

Anticipation is building for those waiting to embark on their summer vacations, but weight loss surgery patients should plan ahead to make sure their nutritional and fluid needs are met during their travels. The next time you are planning on leaving Naples or Ft. Myers, take the time to plan how you are going to keep up with your weight loss goals while away to make for a more pleasant trip.

To make sure your nutritional and fluid needs are met while you vacation, take some of these ideas into consideration as you plan your summer trip! If you have more specific questions regarding traveling after weight loss surgery don’t hesitate to ask your weight loss surgeon.

Make your vacation worry-free and plan ahead of time with these helpful travel tips.

Make Airline Meal Requests – If you are traveling somewhere you can only reach by plane, make sure to make special meal requests when reserving your flight. Airlines are usually happy to assist you when it comes to making sure your air-traveling needs are met, so request special low-fat and sugar-free meals to accommodate your weight loss surgery dietary guidelines.

Keep your Foods Cool – Whether you’re traveling long distances or staying overnight in motels, bring a cooler along for the ride. This will keep your food cool and fresh as you travel for long hours in the car. Motels may not provide you with means for in-room refrigeration, so having the cooler handy is great for back-up. If they don’t have in-room refrigerators, they may have an ice-machine, so grab as much as you need to keep your food cool during the night. If you still have time, call the hotel or motel you will be staying at and make a special request for a refrigeration unit in your room if available.

     Here are several items you may want to bring inside your cooler:
  • Lean deli-meats
  • Low-fat bean dip
  • Light string cheese
  • Low-fat milk in boxes
  • Yogurt with no added sugar
  • Sugar-free applesauce cups
  • Low-fat cheese and healthy crackers

Stay Active as You Drive – If you’re traveling by car you may be stuck in a sedentary position for long periods of time. Break up the drive and add in a little activity time when traveling by vehicle. When you break for gas or restroom time, get out of the car and walk around for 15 to 20 minutes. If you’re near a small town or roadside park, explore for a quick break before resuming your trip on the road.

Grocery Shop for Healthy Foods – Once you’ve reached your destination you may need to visit the grocery store to buy supplies for the upcoming week. Make sure you stick to your weight loss surgeon’s dietary guidelines and stock up on healthy high-protein, low-fat and low-sugar foods.

Dine out with a Healthy Conscience – When possible, try and obtain a menu for the restaurants you will be visiting ahead of time. This way, you can call and ask questions concerning meal preparation and whether or not they have the means to meet your nutritional needs. At the restaurant don’t hesitate to ask your server any questions you may have regarding the preparation or sugar content of menu items. When in doubt, order simple foods such as plain, unseasoned chicken to ensure there are no added unnecessary ingredients or sauces.

By planning ahead, you can enjoy your travels after weight loss surgery and make the most of your vacation time. These are just a few ways to make sure your trip runs smoothly while safeguarding your nutritional needs on vacation. If you still have questions concerning travel after weight loss surgery talk with Dr. Bass.