Building Activity into your Life

Losing weight doesn’t just happen at the gym. Every moment of your day needs to be dedicated to your health and wellness goals. From the type of coffee, you order in the morning to the decision to use the stairs instead of the elevator, being healthy comes down to the small decisions that you make day after day.

Moving more is a core aspect of any successful weight loss program. For whatever reason, it is also one of the biggest downfalls people will encounter when trying to lose weight. Exercise isn’t the easiest habit to adjust to. Starting a new gym membership can be expensive and requires working out around people you don’t know. Running or walking through your neighborhood takes a different kind of endurance and willingness to motivate yourself to get outside on your own watch. Often, the reason exercise doesn’t happen comes down to one thing: there isn’t enough time or energy in a day.

These are all excuses. While some may feel like quite valid excuses, it doesn’t change the fact that letting any one of these reasons interfere with your weight loss goals will result in halted progress and frustration.

Strategies on Becoming More Active

Your weight loss surgeon will give you guidelines regarding how much exercise you should attempt every day, and what kinds of workouts are ideal. For most people, starting with low-intensity workouts is a good plan, as this gives your body a chance to adjust to your new habits and helps prepare your muscles for the new movements and stress, therefore reducing your risk of injury.

Sneaking exercise into your daily schedule is a great way to burn extra calories every day. In every moment, make the choice to be more active.

Walk more at the office, take the stairs, park farther away from your door, walk the dog instead of letting him outside—the opportunities are endless. One of the best ways that you can accomplish this is by counting your steps and trying to increase how many miles you walk in a day while doing your regular business. Listen to your body as you increase your activity level, and don’t push yourself farther than what feels right. For further guidelines, consult your weight loss surgeon.