Committing to Weight Loss

Committing to Weight LossDuring the early stages of your weight loss program, finding motivation to get up and go to the gym is easy to come by. When everything is fresh and new it is simple to motivate yourself to do the healthy thing. The first sign of success as you begin losing weight loss only amplify your level of motivation and will drive you towards more success. Yes, these early days of your weight loss program are invigorating. Unfortunately, it is a rare thing for that motivation to stay at such a high level throughout your entire weight loss program. Even after you reach your weight loss goal you need to continue making heathy choices that will help you maintain your new healthy weight level. This is why losing weight takes more than a simple diet. It takes a long-term lifestyle change.

As you begin thinking about your weight loss goals and the steps that you want to take to get to that healthier version of you, consider as well the steps you will take to ensure that your commitment to a healthier lifestyle won’t wane.

Here are a few strategies to help you develop and maintain your commitment to weight loss:

  • Take advantage of the tools in your home that will help you stay on track and keep you accountable to your goals. This includes your personal bathroom scale. Schedule regular weigh-ins to ensure that you aren’t falling off track with your weight loss progress.
  • Speaking of accountability, it is a good idea to find a partner who you can voice your desires to. This should be someone who won’t be afraid to tell you when you are wrong! Find a buddy who wants to lose weight, as well, and then start working together.
  • Start tracking your food intake and movement by using a food diary and pedometer. There are plenty of great phone apps out there that will actually combine these two functions, helping you to stay accountable and committed to your dietary and activity goals.

When embarking on a new weight loss journey, it is easy to load your mind with thoughts of healthy foods and creative workout ideas. While diet and exercise go hand in hand in supporting your weight loss goals, they are only the start of the equation. Once you figure out the steps, you need to find a way to convince yourself to keep taking them. This is where commitment comes in to play.

Your commitment to living a healthier lifestyle is the only thing that will keep you focused as you progress through your weight loss program. The decision to get weight loss surgery only amplifies the need for your personal commitment to be exactly where it ought to be. For help keeping your motivation level up as you lose weight, talk to your weight loss surgeon.