Low Sex Drive Reversed by Weight Loss Surgery?

A new study to be released in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism shows the more overweight a man is, the higher the overall chances that he has hormonal changes that will negatively impact his sex life. The study’s goal was to determine if obesity could make a man’s sex life unsatisfying, and if there were found to be negative effects – could they be reversed.

While further studies will need to be researched to determine a direct relationship (i.e. cause and effect) the study did show that increased estradiol hormone levels did decrease satisfaction with a man’s sex life, and it is already known that an increase in weight can increase estradiol levels and a decrease in testosterone levels.

Study participants filled out surveys at the start of the study and researchers also measured reproductive hormone levels, BMI (body mass index) and weight of the men in the study. Participants came back after two years to monitor ongoing results. Some of the men had gastric bypass surgery, and of those study participants, many were shown to have reduced estradiol hormone levels after the two years and many reported an increase in sexual quality of life.