Improving Self Confidence

Self confidence can feel like an elusive myth when you are used to feeling like a failure. Luckily, self confidence is lurking in your psyche longing to come out, and it only takes a little nurturing to coax it into the forefront.

The first step in improving your self confidence is to stop thinking negatively about yourself. Sometimes, these negative thoughts are knee-jerk and it may not seem like you have any control over them. The trick to lessening their damage and their appearance is to compensate for them with positive thoughts.

Every time you have an impulsive negative thought about yourself, think of something you like about yourself and say it out loud. Eventually, these positive thoughts will go far in repairing damage caused by negative thoughts.

Another strategy to improving your self confidence is to try something new. Finding out that you are good at new things and overcoming fears that hold you back will help you feel better about yourself and learn new things about your potential. If you try something new and aren’t good at it, remember to focus on what you learned from the experience.