Cold Weather Workout Tips

After visiting a weight loss surgeon in Ft. Myers, it is important to stick with the weight loss plan that you have set for yourself. That includes working out even when it is cold outside. Instead of letting your morning run fall to the wayside when the temperature drops for a few weeks, follow these simple tips to keep the weight loss efforts at their peak.

If you really want to lose weight in the winter, just keep these tips in mind and don’t cut yourself any slack.

Don’t Stop Moving: In the wintertime, we want to bundle up indoors and get warm and cozy. This is a great way to end the day, but you need to make sure to stay physically active while you’re up and about. Walk when you can, even if it’s cold. The exercise will warm you up.

Expose Yourself to Some Sun: Believe it or not, the lack of sunlight can do some damage on your metabolism, seriously slowing you down and causing you to gain more weight. If you want to stay fit, then make sure to get some daily sun, even if it’s cold out. If you’re not activating that vitamin D in your skin, then you may wind up a lot heavier and a lot less healthy by the end of the year.

Eat Healthy: You can eat healthy and still fill up without feeling deprived at all. There is a lot of fresh produce available in Ft. Myers during the winter. Take advantage of the warm climate and spend your time browsing what is in season instead of what type of cookie you want to make for a winter get together.

Take Up a Winter Sport: The summer is often too hot to get outside and play team sports, but the cold weather can be a great opportunity to meet people. There are winter leagues for soccer, kickball, flag football and many others! By being on a team you are more likely to stick with the weekly workout for the entire length of the season.