Dance Workouts: Great for Weight Loss

When was the last time that you caught yourself day dreaming at the office about the workout waiting for you at the gym? For far too many people, heading to the gym is a chore. Sure, it may feel great when you are done, but are you having a great time while you are in the midst of your workout? If not, then it is probably going to be difficult to keep up with your workout goals over time. The more you dislike your workout, the less likely you are to stick with it.

The problem is that after having weight loss surgery, you need to commit to making permanent healthy changes to your lifestyle, and a quality workout is at the top of that list. This is why finding a workout plan that you enjoy is so important. The more you have fun during your workout, the more likely you are to keep up with your workout goals.

If going for a jog every morning sounds tedious, or spending an hour on the workout equipment at the gym is an idea that is going to add  more stress to your life, then it may be time to switch it up a bit. The most successful workout is the one that you are going to keep up with and engage in every day. This is why finding a workout that works for you is so important. Dance aerobics classes could be the answer to all of your problems.

Dance it Off

Dancing is one of the most popular workout methods because it is fun, it burns calories, and it is easy to do just about anywhere. Zumba, which is one of the most popular dance classes out there, can help you burn between 300 and 900 calories in just a one-hour class, depending on the intensity level that you bring to your workout.  Barre classes, which are based heavily on the principles of ballet with incorporations of Pilates and even some yoga, are another great workout option that help build muscle and burn calories through deep movements that target particular muscle groups.

The precise number of calories that you will burn during a dance class depends on a number of factors, including the intensity with which you participate, as well as your age, weight, genetics, and current fitness level. In many cases, an hour long dance class can help you to burn just as many calories, if not more, than you would burn during an hour at the gym using standard equipment.

Before starting any new workout program, make sure that you check in with your weight loss doctor to confirm that you are ready for the challenge.