When Depression Makes Weight Loss Difficult

When Depression Makes Weight Loss Surgery DifficultWith all the positive strides you’re making after weight loss surgery, you have every reason to be happy. You’ve started down the path to a healthier body and a more fulfilling life, and this is something worth celebrating. Unfortunately, some people struggle with depression after weight loss surgery, and this can complicate every step towards your goals.

You may feel depressed due to inflated expectations about the changes that weight loss surgery will bring, or from years spent struggling with excess weight before your operation. Regardless of where depression comes from, it can keep you from sustaining your healthy habits and getting the weight loss help you need. It can sap you of energy and motivation, robbing you of the self-satisfaction you deserve.

When you’re depressed, there are many ways to help yourself feel better. However, implementing them can be tricky, as the things that help most with depression are often the hardest for depressed people to do. If you feel that depression is starting to be a serious interference in your life, one of the most important steps you can take is to seek out the help of a mental health specialist. Otherwise, you can help yourself overcome depression by:

  • Staying social. Depression can push you into your shell, making you feel like sequestering yourself from those closest to you. This isolation will only make you feel worse. Your family and friends care about you and can help you through this difficult time. Being open about your feelings with a trusted confidante can make dealing with depression easier.
  • Maintaining your hobbies. It may feel like all joy has gone out of the world, but it hasn’t. The things you love to do are still out there. Even if you don’t much feel like doing them anymore, pushing yourself to keep up your interests can be a surprisingly effective way to pull yourself out of a funk. Try expressing yourself through creative outlets like art and music, playing a game you love or visiting your favorite park or museum.
  • Taking care of your body. Don’t let depression force you out of the healthy habits you’ve developed after weight loss surgery. Eating right, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep—these things can help as much with depression as they can with weight loss. Stay focused on the lifestyle you’re developing and remember that every action can be a step towards a healthier future.

You don’t have to let depression make your life harder after weight loss surgery. If depression is impeding your weight loss, the help of others can be instrumental—don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’re feeling depressed.