Planning a Dinner Party after Bariatric Surgery

Planning a Dinner Party after Gastric Band in Ft. MyersNothing will help you adjust to healthy meals after weight loss surgery quite like having your friends there to share them with you. Though your portion sizes will be reduced after sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass or gastric band in Ft. Myers or Naples, this doesn’t mean you have to cook two-ounce dishes—by hosting a healthy dinner party, you can show off your cooking skills and help all your favorite people learn to love healthy food with you.

Now that you’ve had bariatric surgery, your dinner parties may be much different than they were before. A dinner party can provide a social dining experience without the temptations of a restaurant, but don’t let a social atmosphere ruin your resistance to unhealthy habits. Remember that you are always in control of your own diet, especially at home.

A Healthy Meal for Every Guest

When you’re thinking about the recipes you’ll be cooking for your guests, always keep your dietary guidelines in mind. You may feel compelled to make a fatty, sugary dish to appease guests who are not as committed to healthy eating, but having these foods around your home may lull you into breaking your diet, especially if there are leftovers. Tell your guests from the get-go that this will be a dinner party focused on healthy food—that way, they’ll expect light and nutritious fare.

For the best results at your healthy dinner party, make sure the food is made with:

  • Lean proteins. Protein is especially important for you after weight loss surgery, but it also tends to form the centerpiece of our meals. Focus your main dish on a healthy protein that all can enjoy, like grilled chicken or fish with a fruit salsa. Avoid high-fat proteins and cooking methods like frying that diminish the healthiness of your food.
  • Fresh ingredients. Fresh, whole produce is typically the most nutritious, but it can also be liven up your event with delicious flavors and bright colors. Do your best to avoid processed foods and anything in a heavy cream sauce. Though you should be open-minded when selecting recipes and ingredients, you should remember that not every guest will have an adventurous palate. Ask your guests about food allergies and eating preferences and never pressure anyone into eating something they do not want to try. Be sure that all your guests will have something to eat and ask if you have any doubts.
  • Time-saving techniques. It will be hard to enjoy your dinner party if you’re spending the vast majority of the evening in the kitchen. If you use a hands-off cooking approach, you can mingle while making a delicious meal. Try firing up the oven, crockpot or rice cooker and letting your appliances do most of the work for you. You can prep your ingredients before guests arrive to further expedite the cooking process.

Don’t let your dietary restrictions after sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass or gastric band hold you back from having your friends over for dinner. With the right approach, you can prepare a healthy meal that meets your needs and delights every guest.