Easy Low-Impact Exercises

We can all do with improving our general health, but working out needn’t be high-impact and intense. If you want to see the benefits of regular activity, there are plenty of low-impact exercises that you can do either in the comfort of your home or out and about. Just a half an hour of movement a day can improve your health and support weight loss in a sustainable way. By fitting these low-impact exercise ideas into your routine you will improve your fitness levels without harming your joints.


Home exercises

There are plenty of low-impact home exercises that you can work into your day. They are ideal if you are less active but want to up your level of activity, and can also lift your mood, combatting depression and anxiety. Another added bonus is that you can use everyday objects to help – for example, using a sturdy chair can help with sitting exercises. Walls can be used for stretching against. And if you want to burn extra calories without even noticing, you can wear simple ankle or wrist weights.



Walking is easily the most popular low-impact exercise. A walk once a day burns calories and works the cardiovascular system. Whilst even a gentle stroll will burn off some calories, upping the pace will increase your heart rate and do more for you. Adding bursts of speed or including a steep hill in your route will provide even more benefits.



Pilates is an exercise which focuses on rebalancing your body and improving your posture. Slow, controlled exercises and movements are the hallmark of Pilates techniques. Regular Pilates sessions will help improve muscle strength and provide a much-needed boost to your wellbeing.



Yoga is an ancient practice which develops strength, balance, and flexibility. Through a series of breathing exercises and postures, yoga helps to improve general wellbeing and physical fitness. It also has a positive effect on your mood.



Dancing isn’t just a great form of low-impact exercise – it is fun too. From salsa to hip hop, there is a dance style to suit everyone. You will barely even notice the pounds slipping off you whilst you shake it all about.



Cycling is an aerobic activity which works the cardiovascular system and lower body. You can still injure yourself if you are using the wrong size bike though, so invest in your equipment wisely. If you are taking up cycling regularly for the first time you should start slowly and gradually increase the length and intensity of your cycling session.


Tai chi

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese art which promotes both physical and mental wellbeing. Through slow, controlled movements, you can improve your balance, flexibility, and strength. Tai chi doesn’t really provide a workout which promotes calorie burning or improves cardiovascular fitness, but it is still worth considering as a technique you can add into your regular day.


Take control of your life

You needn’t suffer through intensive gym workouts and push yourself to the limit to see marked improvements in your strength and weight loss. By adding these simple low-impact exercise regimes into your day, you will be well on your way to a healthier and freer life in no time at all.