Eating Slower Can Help You Lose Weight

In a recent study, researchers looked at how much participants ate when instructed to consume their food at different paces. On the first day, they ate at their normal pace. On the second, participants were told to take a bite each time they were prompted to do so by a tone. On the third, the intervals at which the tone was played were slowed even further. On all three days, participants were allowed to keep eating for as long as they wanted, and have as much food as they chose to eat.

In the end, it was found that they ate significantly less when they ate slower. It takes several minutes for the signal that you are full to get from your stomach to your brain. With this in mind, nutritionists have recommended eating slowly for several years. The results of this study support that advice.

Eating at a slower pace is especially good advice for those who have had or are considering bariatric surgery. After weight loss surgery (WLS), your stomach is able to hold a lot less food than before. It is important to gage how full you are in order to avoid complications that can come from overeating after weight loss surgery. Overeating after WLS can cause nausea, bloating, or even cause stretching that will cause you to lose the benefit of the surgery.

There are many ways to slow the pace when you eat. When you visit a Fort Myers area restaurant, stop to look at the view between courses. Drink water while you eat, and have a sip every couple of bites. By consciously slowing down, you can increase your enjoyment while cutting down your calorie count.