Exercising after Bariatric Surgery

Exercising after weight loss surgery is imperative in order for you to regain your health and to keep any lost weight off for good. The kind of surgery you’ve had does not matter, your diet is just as important as exercise in nearly all situations, and both should be given equal attention.

Your doctor in Ft. Myers and Naples, FL., will tell you when it’s OK for you to begin exercising and it is important to implement an exercise program into your new lifestyle as quickly as it is safe and healthy to do so. Exercising will help increase your energy and metabolism, lower your blood pressure, can help tighten loose skin, and will so greatly improve your overall health that you’ll feel better than you ever have before.

After having bariatric surgery it is important to let your body heal sufficiently before beginning exercising. Your doctor or surgeon will work with you to help you set appropriate fitness goals and milestones, and they’ll guide you on how often and for how long you should exercise.

Walking is often the first form of exercise you’ll do after your surgery. It is a great way to slowly begin to condition your body. Once your body gains some strength you can try other forms of exercise that appeal to you, such as yoga, swimming, biking or jogging.

Finding ways throughout your day to get in extra fitness is also a good idea. Park further from the door than normal, take the stairs instead of the elevator, arrange a lunch-time walking club at the office and get the family together for a walk after dinner.

Incorporating exercise into your lifestyle after weight loss surgery is important for long term weight-loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Always listen to your body, if you begin to feel pain or discomfort, stop and discuss this with your doctor. Most of all have fun; you have a chance to change your life forever!