Find a Farmers’ Market after Weight Loss Surgery

For a Little Weight Loss Help, Find a Farmers’ MarketImagine a supermarket that changes every time you visit, one where the produce aisle is not just filled with baskets of fruits and veggies, but the farmers who grew them as well. Everything is fresh, in-season and reasonably priced. Excitingly unusual foods are everywhere, and if you’ve never encountered them before, the farmer is standing by to explain exactly how to use them.

This may seem like an unrealistic scenario in the age of Walmart, but it’s how farmers’ markets all across the country function. As you learn to love healthy eating after weight loss surgery, a visit to the farmer’s market can pique your interest in nutritious foods and help your weight loss diet stay full of flavor.

The farmers’ market can be an asset as you lose weight because:

  • It’s fresh. The fruits and vegetables you find at a farmers’ market may have been picked that very morning. Farmers’ market fare is typically in-season and grown with sustainable methods, and this can make everything more flavorful and nutritious. If you think you dislike a certain food, trying its high-quality farmers’ market form may convince you to rethink your stance.
  • It’s easy. The farmers are usually very friendly and will offer recommendations for using their produce freely. Goods are displayed on open stands, making it simple to peruse your options from a distance or move in for a closer look. Because farmers’ market food is often cheaper than the grocery store, it’s also easy to go home with a boatload of food without breaking the bank.
  • It’s fun. Farmers’ markets tend to have festival-like atmospheres. Along with fresh food, you’re likely to find performers, artisans and people just out to have a good time. You can bring your friends or kids along and spend an hour or two simply enjoying your surroundings.

Of course, spending time at a farmers’ market will help more than just your diet—it will also give you a chance to support local farmers and a community focused on fresh, healthy, sustainable living. Try exploring a market near you like:

  • Old Naples Farmers’ Market. Located between Third Street South and Gordon Drive in Naples, this market is open on Saturdays year-round from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m.
  • River District Farmer’s Market. You can find this market in Centennial Park in Ft. Myers, under the Caloosahatchee Bridge. It’s open every Thursday year-round from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Do you know of any other great farmers’ markets in your area? Tell us about them in the comments!