Filling Free Time with Fitness after Weight Loss Surgery

Filling Free Time with Fitness after Weight Loss SurgeryDave and Tammy both had weight loss surgery about a year ago, but they’ve each spent the time since then quite differently.

Dave follows his bariatric surgeon’s guidelines to a tee. He eats a healthy diet and makes sure to get 30 minutes of exercise almost every day. Dave has always been a big TV and movie buff, so he spends most of his free time catching up on his favorite TV shows and watching films with his family. He’s been steadily losing weight, but perhaps not as quickly as he would like.

Tammy, on the other hand, goes beyond the bare minimum. Since having weight loss surgery, she’s discovered an interest in physical activities she never knew she’d love. Though she would have once plopped right down on the couch after work, she’s now keener to work in the vegetable garden she planted in her backyard. She goes on hour-long walks every day, meets her friends to go bowling once a week and is even thinking of training for her first 5k race. Tammy’s progress has exceeded her expectations—she’s fitter than ever and feels right at home in her body.

Though Dave and Tammy have both been losing weight, Tammy has started to develop new hobbies that improve her fitness beyond the gym. Her life looks different than it did a year ago, and not just because the weight is falling off—by staying active in her spare time, she’s in a better mood, she’s having more fun and she’s noticing big changes in her physique.

“Exercise” doesn’t have to be limited to the time you spend in the gym. The more active you stay throughout the day, the fitter and healthier you’ll find yourself becoming. By finding a few physically-engaging hobbies like Tammy did, you can boost your progress and enrich your life in unexpected ways.

To burn more calories, have more fun and get even better results after weight loss surgery, think about spending your free time on a fitness-focused hobby like:

  • Gardening. You may not think you have the green thumb, but planting a garden of your own may change your mind. Watching your garden grow and thrive can be a rewarding experience, while all that digging and weeding is sure to help you build your muscles. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to grow fresh fruits and veggies at home!
  • Leisure sports. Bowling and golf may not seem like the most exercise-intensive activities, but they can be better workouts than you may think. Anything that keeps you moving will help, so spend spare time playing your favorite sports and games, even if they don’t seem that athletic.

Weight loss surgery is an opportunity to change your life in countless ways. Though you don’t have to abandon your old hobbies, it may be time to start looking for a few new pastimes that help you stay focused on improving your health.