Find Fitness Motivation after Vacation

After weight loss surgery, motivate yourself to work out even after a vacation away from Naples and Ft. MyersSummer is finally here and you’ve probably already begun packing your bags for that upcoming, long overdue vacation. Vacations are the perfect chance to escape from the daily stresses of work and mentally refresh your brain. However, vacations can be tricky for some weight loss surgery patients as you’re presented with tons of downtime and may dine out for nearly every meal.

After weight loss surgery—even if you’re on vacation—you’ll probably plan carefully and work hard to stay on track with your healthy diet and exercise plan. Sometimes you may be surprised at how tough it can be transitioning back into reality and your exercise routine after a vacation.

Here are some tips to help you get excited and back into the groove of fitness after your retreat.

Continue to schedule your workouts. It may be difficult to get back into your workout routine after a long hiatus on the beach, but if you continue to schedule your workouts you’ll feel more inclined to stick to them. You don’t have to jump back into exercising with full force; you can start off slow and gradually ease back into a daily routine.

Make new fitness goals. Adjust your fitness goals once you return from vacation to incorporate new, fun fitness aspirations. New goals could be anything from walking or jogging a half-marathon to trying a crazy workout class like gladiator fitness. Setting new, attainable goals is a great way to re-spark your interest in physical activity and keep you on track with weight loss.

Try a new fitness class. Spice up your workout life by trying a new fitness class after a long vacation. Find something new and interesting that you might actually enjoy. It could be anything from an aerobic dance class like Zumba or a new kind of yoga like hot power yoga. Trying something new may be just the push you need to rekindle your fire for getting into shape after weight loss surgery.

Give yourself a fitness reward. After you’ve scheduled out your new workout plan and reached your new set of fitness goals, reward yourself. Treat yourself to a new pair of athletic sneakers or a new piece of workout equipment you’ve wanted to try. Treating yourself to an encouraging fitness reward can really make a difference in your workout morale—especially if it declined after summer vacation.

Remind yourself that fitness is a necessity. Especially after weight loss surgery, patients must engage in regular physical activity to sustain weight loss. Weight loss surgery is only the beginning step in your weight loss journey as you will need to employ healthy eating and lifestyle habits for the rest of your life if you wish to stay in shape.

Don’t let a vacation set you back with your fitness goals. Once you return home, use these tips to help yourself get back into your workout routine. If you need help regaining focus after a break, don’t hesitate to speak with your weight loss surgeon.