Finding and Believing in Positive Emotional Energy

While most people associate feeling tired with a physical cause, such as lack of sleep or a developing cold, more often than not our feeling of fatigue is actually the result of low emotional energy. As much as we’d rather not admit it, taking care of our emotional self is usually last on our list of things to do. As you are taking steps to help your physical-self become healthier and are asking ‘what is bariatric surgery’ in Naples, it may be time to ask yourself a few other questions as well. Fortunately, it’s never too late to learn how to restore and maintain your emotional energy so that you stop feeling stressed-out, exhausted, over-worked and generally “blah,” and instead start feeling hopeful, enthusiastic, resilient and fun.

To ensure that we’re taking adequate care of our emotional needs, we must first learn to guard our existing emotional energy. This first step requires us to assess where the majority of our emotional energy is wasted. Are you a chronic worrier who spends most the day dwelling on things beyond your control? If so, then every minute spent worrying is a minute of wasted emotional energy. Do you have a friend who exudes negativity and has a complaint about everything? By acknowledging their negativity, you’re sacrificing your own emotional energy just so that you can deal with theirs.

The second step involves figuring out various ways for restoring our emotional energy, and this step includes having fun. The best method for replenishing our reserves is by discovering the things that filled us with emotional energy in the first place. This might include laughter, spontaneity, prayer, creativity, exercise, experiencing new things, and so on. Once you’ve discovered the positive things in your life that can be counted on to both restore your emotional energy and bring you joy, then you’re ready for the last, and oftentimes most difficult step. Now that you’ve discovered these positive things, you need to get as much energy from them as possible and as often as you can.

This last part is the hardest because it not only involves you identifying your needs but also requires that you stand-up for yourself by taking what you need. Unless you’re able to do this, any attempts at restoring your emotional energy will eventually result in failure. Chances are that the idea of taking what you need makes you feel horribly selfish; however, in reality the opposite is true. You have to realize that maintaining your emotional energy is a necessity without which your life becomes confused. By accepting the important role that emotional energy plays in your life, you’ll discover things that will not only bring you continued positivity and joy, but you’ll be on the path to achieving any and everything you want.