Food Free Ways to Have Summer Fun

Food free ways to have fun after weight loss surgery in Naples and Ft. MyersSummer is the time to remind the world how much fun you are ready to have. Now that you have undergone weight loss surgery, it is time to get outside, become more active and enjoy the sun on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Just like any other season, summer brings with it temptations for seasonal delights. Everything from ice cream and popsicles to soda and sweet tea is available in abundance during the summer, all with the deceptive motive of cooling off.

Find Ways to Enjoy Your Summer

Summer is hard for a lot of people. Even as you are losing weight it is often hard to fit into a bathing suit, and when you do lose weight and finally find one that fits it can be nerve racking to wear it in public. The go-to shorts and t-shirts for the beach are uncomfortable in the sand, especially if you get wet. You don’t need to indulge in summertime treats in order to have a fun season! Here are a few food-free ideas that you can try out to stay active, have fun and lose weight in the sun.

  • Go to a concert: Think about how you set your weight loss goals. You don’t focus on how much weight you are going to lose in two years and then work towards that without ever checking in on your progress. Treat each season the same way. Look into some fun events that are going on in your neighborhood this summer and buy a few tickets.
  • Prepare a garden: Summer isn’t always the best growing season, but fall often is. By getting a garden set up during the summer you may actually have your first fall harvest. If you aren’t ready to till the ground then start a small container garden and work your way up!
  • Start a new hobby: You may be surprised how much you can learn over the course of one summer. While the kids are home from school, try getting the entire family involved in a new pastime like badminton or croquet. These low-impact sports can be played in the backyard and do not require a lot of running around, but they will have you up on your feet.

Summers may have been tough in the past, but now you have a healthier new lifestyle and positive goals ahead of you. Embrace the season and resist old habits by finding new fun things to do.