Four Reasons Why Dance Is an Amazing Form of Cardio

When you think of a cardio workout, you probably think of something that is arduous and not much fun — such as running. However, a great cardio workout doesn’t have to be that way. Dancing is actually one of the best forms of cardio there is. Here are three reasons why you should consider trying dance cardio.


It gets your heart pumping.

A good cardio workout is all about putting your heart through its paces. You need a strong cardiovascular system to be truly healthy. The heart is probably the body’s most important organ, and better cardio health extends lifespan and reduces risk for an enormous number of diseases.


It burns plenty of calories.
One of the primary benefits of cardio exercise is the calories that are used up. Burning up calories is important to shedding pounds or maintaining a healthy size. While dancing can be a relatively relaxed experience, it can also be quite intense if you want it to be, resulting in lots of calories being used up.


You’ll enjoy it.

Let’s face it — a lot of forms of exercise can be just plain miserable. Running, for example, is extremely repetitive and dull for many people. What’s amazing about dance is that it doesn’t feel like exercise — even though it definitely is. Instead of having to grind through workouts, with dance you will actually enjoy yourself. Learning new moves and improving your skills will be lots of fun. While all exercise relieves stress by releasing endorphins (the brain chemicals associated with positive feelings), the fun nature of dancing can make it an especially effective stress buster.


It’ll be an easier habit to stick with.

Finding a workout you enjoy isn’t just valuable in terms of enjoyment. It’s hard to stick with something you don’t find rewarding and fun. If you find a workout you like doing, you will be much more likely to maintain the habit. Using dance as a cardio workout can ensure you actually make regular exercise a normal part of your life.


You need to get regular cardio exercise — a fact you are probably already aware of. If you find getting enough cardio in a struggle, consider giving dance cardio a shot.