Friendship and Weight Loss

One of the most powerful weight loss help tools available is also one of the most pleasant— a friend. So instead of trying to lose weight alone, pick a buddy to lose weight with you! Often, you can meet people who have also had gastric bypass surgery at Cape Coral area weight loss discussion or support groups.

One reason it is important to have emotional support is that when you limit the foods you can eat, you may be losing a heavily relied on emotional crutch. While emotional eating is severely unhealthy, many people overeat for comfort. It is important to find emotional support through relationships when you are no longer able to get it through binging on favorite foods.

You will also need someone to share your victories with and to keep you motivated when you are down. A dedicated weight loss program can often be stressful and grueling. Having someone to remind you how far you have come and to cheer you on when it gets rough can be invaluable. Plus, it helps to have someone who understands your personal situation.

It is also helpful to have someone that is committed to the same goals you are. The smaller meals you must eat after weight loss surgery are more pleasant when they are shared with a friend who has the same dietary restrictions. A brisk walk on the beaches of Cape Coral feels more like a fun outing and less like a grim commitment when you are accompanied by a friend. And, you are more compelled to show up for that exercise class when someone else is depending on you to be there!