Have Fun after Bariatric Surgery with Fitness

To give yourself a little weight loss help, find an exercise you enjoy

Have fun with fitness for weight loss help in Naples or Ft. MyersDo you love your workout? When you’re getting ready for an exercise session in Naples or Ft. Myers, do you find yourself dreading the upcoming chore or getting more and more excited by the minute?

Weight loss surgery will give you the weight loss help you need, but exercise will keep off the pounds you lose. To build a healthy body and continue your progress, regular physical activity is crucial, but sticking to a fitness routine will be tough if you don’t enjoy the workout you’re doing.

Fortunately, there are more workouts in the world than stars in the sky—so you should have no trouble finding something you love. Unlike the many people who needlessly resign themselves to tedious treadmill sessions, you can use the exercise requirements of your weight loss program to explore interests, try new things and even have some fun.

While other exercisers may be adjusting to brisk fall weather and bracing for the colder days ahead, you can continue to take advantage of the sunny skies and warmth of a Florida autumn. Whether you prefer to exercise outside or in, trying one of these activities in Naples or Ft. Myers may be a huge help with your weight loss efforts:

Paddle away the pounds.

Kayaking and canoeing are beloved outdoor activities, but they can be excellent workouts as well. In addition to giving you a way to explore Naples or Ft. Myers from an aquatic angle, paddling will give you a great aerobic workout and help you build strength in your core, back and arms. Though some people paddle primarily for exercise, most do so for the sheer pleasure of the activity—so you may find yourself quickly forgetting about burning calories as you focus on enjoying the ride.

Dance until you drop.

Since the dawn of civilization, dance has been one of mankind’s favorite ways to move. Any kind of dance will give you a great workout while also giving you the chance to take in a new culture (and learn some sick new moves for that upcoming Halloween party or wedding). With its infectious Latin rhythms and classes at fitness centers across the country, Zumba has become an especially popular way to get fit while shaking your booty.

  • Where to try it: Check out Dance Yourself Fit to find a Zumba class in Naples, or try the local Fred Astaire studio for ballroom, swing and more. In Ft. Myers, jump into a Zumba class with Dance and Fitness with Sandra or visit Fred Astaire for more options.

If you think that only fitness fanatics love their workouts, think again. Exercise can come from many places, so try exploring an activity you’ve always been interested in trying.

What activities have helped you with weight loss in Naples and Ft. Myers? Share the workouts you love most in the comments below!