Get Fit! Shape up with Yoga after Lap Band Surgery

In order to get the most out of your obesity surgery in Naples it is important to engage in a regular workout routine. Following your operation you will gradually be able to participate in more physically demanding workouts, but it is important to work yourself up into high-impact activities. One type of workout that is low impact and a great way to start losing weight after weight loss surgery is yoga.

One of the reasons that yoga is often beneficial to bariatric patients is the breathing. Obesity can cause added pressure to build on the lungs, often making it difficult to breathe. Following weight loss surgery, the lungs may become compressed as a result of anesthesia. Many overweight individuals also suffer from high stress or anxiety levels that make breathing difficult. Yoga implements deep breathing exercises that help you to move in tune with your breaths. This can help you to develop deeper breathing techniques that may help you to feel more active and healthy.

Yoga is also beneficial for the mind. Losing weight can be a stressful process, one where you are constantly thinking about the number of calories that you have taken in or the amount of weight you have lost over the past week. During yoga, you will have the opportunity to push all of those thoughts far out of your mind. This can help you to focus on your breathing and exercise routine, and allow you to return to your daily weight loss plan refreshed instead of overwhelmed.