Getting Ready for Bariatric Surgery

Making the decision to have gastric bypass surgery is a significant choice and one that has lifelong consequences. Preparing for major surgery that will change your entire life requires care and thought. Ft. Myers is one of the premier places in the United States for weight loss surgery.

Change Your Eating Habits Before Surgery

Since you will need to make major changes to your diet it is a good idea to begin the process well before your surgery date. Meet with a nutritionist to understand what your nutritional needs will be after surgery and what eating habits you need to develop in order to meet your weight loss goals. Remember, after gastric bypass surgery or a sleeve gastrectomy procedure you will have to follow special dietary restrictions.

Stock your house and pantry with foods that will be easy to eat after your surgery and help you transition to your long term eating pattern. For example, right after your surgery, you will need things like sugar free popsicles, water, clear broth, juices and skim milk. If you begin making dietary changes before your surgery, it will help make the post-surgical transition easier on your body.

Make Preparations for Your Surgery Day

Before the day of your surgery gather all of the things you will need for that day. In some cases, you need to plan on an overnight stay at the hospital, so bring comfortable loose clothing to wear. Also include slippers and a robe. Bring any toiletries you might need and a small pillow that you can use for extra support for your stomach after your surgery.